So much has happened over the last 3 months.  Hopefully things are starting to settle down and you are finding yourself seeing signs of routines and predictable behaviour and habits.  So many things about your baby should be happening.  You should see that they have a much more stable head and you will see them lift and steady and hold their head in any position.  Co-ordination in the arms and legs are also becoming much better. They will purposefully be swatting and reaching for toys and can probably straighten their legs in a standing position when you hold them up with their feet on the floor.


There is also a definite mom and dad recognition and smiles and laughter is emerging.  This is so fun and rewarding as parents to participate in.  Brain development continues to grow by leaps and this is when you should begin reading to your little one.  Word, sound and language development is so important at this time and they will soak it in.  Choose a variety of books, it is more an exposure at this point than an understanding and is for the musicality of language.  But they also will enjoy large board books with bright pictures.



Sleep hopefully will be changing as well.  They should be starting to have much longer sleep patterns at night.  But rest assure it is perfectly normal for the first year of life to have many interruptions of your sleep with your waking baby.  Hopefully they are achieving 4-6 hour sleep periods more often though.


At this age touch becomes more sensitive.  So it is the perfect time to introduce your baby to different textures.  Expose them to feeling soft, furry, rough, and smooth and other texture help them with a broader awareness and increase their brain development at this time.  Don’t forget how important carrying and massage is for them too.


As exciting as all this changes are, remember that all babies will develop at different times.  These things will come.  If you are ever concerned about your baby’s development, talk to your doctor for reassurance and encouragement.  And most of all….Enjoy your little one.