Childbirth Essentials

Childbirth Essentials – Calgary’s Best Prenatal Classes

These are Calgary Birth Essentials most comprehensive prenatal classes where you will get all you need to best prepare for your labour, birth, breastfeeding and early parenting journey.

Calgary Birth Essentials offers 2 styles of classes that gives you the complete curriculum, an 7+1 week series and a 4+1 week series. The 7+1 week series are held weekly from 7-9 PM.  The 4+1 week series will be held Sunday from 5-8:30 PM. Both of these prenatal classes includes our Breastfeeding Essentials class and our Early Parenting Essentials class.   The last class for each of these series is saved for when all the babies are born, making it a fun reunion class, and a time to reconnect with your fellow class mates and share your experiences and successes and ask your questions.

Calgary Prenatal Classes
Calgary Prenatal Classes
Calgary Prenatal Classes

Our Calgary Prenatal Classes

16  Hours of instruction | Cost: $325 per couple 

(Our highly sought after Breastfeeding Essentials and Early Parenting Essentials classes are included in the Childbirth Essentials Class and you are automatically registered – click on the links to see the descriptions of these classes)

Each Prenatal Class Includes:

  • Important facts about the last trimester of pregnancy
  • Perceptions of birth
  • Birth trends in Calgary
  • Stages of Labour
  • The truth about Pain
  • Combating Fears
  • Most effective choices and options for labour
  • The birth partner
  • The labour dress rehearsal (Labour Stations)
  • Common Medical Procedures, medications and interventions
  • The unexpected path
  •  Immediate Postpartum
  • Newborn Care
  • ** Breastfeeding Essentials
  • ** Early Parenting Essentials
To see a description of the Breastfeeding Essentials class and the Early Parenting Essentials class that are included click on the link for more details.

*Remember that we incorporate experts into our classes so that you get the best possible education on each topic discussed