Are you expecting a baby and want to add more movement?

We are excited to be adding Prenatal and Postpartum  Yoga & Pilates to our Schedule

Drop-In Prenatal Yoga Classes

Registration for the week opens Monday’s


  • No committment necessary
  • Come if you have time that week
  • Still get the benefits from a yoga session

6 Week Prenatal Yoga Series

Most comprehensive


  • Most comprehensive
  • Week to week learning
  • Build your flexibility and strength
  • Practice skills
  • Prepare for birth
  • Connect with others

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Mom & Baby Yoga & Pilates

Perfect to take during your Maternity leave


  • 6 week series
  • Get out and move with your baby
  • Helps you ease back into mobility after baby
  • Meet other new moms

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Drop In Option

Embracing Prenatal Yoga in Calgary: A Path to Wellness for Expectant Mothers

Prenatal yoga is a beacon of wellness and tranquility for expectant mothers navigating the journey of pregnancy. This gentle form of exercise not only caters to the physical demands of pregnancy but also addresses the emotional and mental preparation for childbirth. 

Prenatal yoga in offers a safe and effective way to maintain fitness during pregnancy, provide a serene escape where expectant mothers can focus on mindfulness and breathing techniques, offer the chance to connect with other expectant mothers, share experiences, and build supportive relationships, and can help expectant mothers develop a deeper understanding of their bodies, enhance their focus and endurance, and learn relaxation techniques that can be crucial during childbirth.