Sharing in a Sacred Journey

Giving you the tools to find your own strength
Calgary Birth Essentials believes in providing all the essentials you will need to have the birth experience you deserve. By offering a continuity of care, education and support throughout your birthing journey we can celebrate and protect your choices for what is right for you and your family.

We take pride in the resources and expertise you will find here at Calgary Birth Essentials and with our birthing community connections that will provide you with the guidance, resources and support you will need move confidently through this most momentous event in your life.

The Calgary Birth Essentials Distinction

* Experience (over 1500 families supported)

* Free Initial Consultation Session

* Continuity of care throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond

* Unlimited Pre and Post Natal Contact for Education, Resources and Support

* Variety of class and services to support your journey

* Customized Care

* Community Connections

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We Want to Be a Part of Your Birthing Tribe
The people you surround yourself with during this birthing journey will make all the difference in the experience you have. So choose your tribe with care to create the most confidence, guidance, education, advocacy, and care you can. Only then will you be prepared to have a most amazing and empowering experience. We would love to be there for you.