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I’m Sharon

I help expecting parents become confident parents.

Sharon Loose - Calgary Doula - Childbirth Classes

My first pregnancy, I did all the things I thought I was supposed to do to prepare for my birth, and bringing my baby home. I took the hospital classes and thought I was ready.

As it turns out, although I really liked my doctor, when I was giving birth, I felt overwhelmed and scared. I didn’t know I could speak up. I assumed the staff was there to support me, and they had my best interest in mind.

However, I birthed ALONE, literally.

My son came into this world, while the nurse and doctor were out of the room. When they rushed back in, they blamed me for not waiting!

When I brought my son home, although he was a good baby, I was unprepared, for how overwhelmed, nervous and tired I would be.

I did not have help for my postpartum, and again I was ALONE.

I have made it my mission to build a company that prepares and supports expecting new parents, so they NEVER have to feel ALONE.

And I have been doing it for 25 years!

I’ve got you!

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Meet my team

Sharon Loose Doula Team Christa Mollie Karla

Hi, I’m Carla!

I am one of the doulas and childbirth educators with Calgary Birth Essentials. I have over a decade of experience as a birth doula, childbirth educator, and lactation educator.

In 2021, I achieved certification as a yoga instructor, specializing in prenatal and postnatal yoga. My expertise extends to Reiki mastery, meditation coaching, Mother Blessings, and Sound Bath facilitation, where I’m deeply dedicated to the realm of energy healing and nervous system regulation.

Carla Calgary Doula
Christa Calgary Doula

Hi, I’m Christa!

I am one of the doulas with Calgary Birth Essentials. My passion is to empower the birthing person and their partner to have the confidence and knowledge along with the support during their unique birthing experience.

I feel this is so important as somebody who has gone through a tumultuous time birthing my oldest daughter. I really had to fight to let them know that I knew where my body was at and what it really needed. I truly believe the reason they listened to me was that I had nursing experience. 

With my second daughter, I have regrets and wished I would have had support and encouragement I needed to have delivered her the way I wanted to. I look forward to helping others find their voice and the support they require through this beautiful journey.

During my nursing career as an LPN, I found my joy was on the maternity unit. My years nursing gave me the education but more importantly fine tuned my dedication for helping others. That same devotion for helping others has been carried with me my whole life.

After taking some time to raise my young daughters, I am excited to be following my passion and took a leap of faith with doula training. 

Hi, I’m Mollie!

I am one of the childbirth educators with Calgary Birth Essentials. I have been a Birth worker for almost 12 years as a Labour and Delivery Nurse and Birth Doula. I am married to my best adventure buddy and Mom to an amazing 5 year old.

I’m happiest near water, especially on a paddleboard, fly fishing, or just doing anything outside with my family.

I am passionate about empowering people to have the best birth and parenting experience possible!

Mollie Calgary Doula