The wave of technology that has occurred over, even the last 5 years is staggering.  What they say is really true “There’s an app for that” and in the baby world this is no exception.  Here are some apps we have found that seem would be a good addition to support you through all things baby.


1)  Cloud Baby Monitor

  • This app seems like a really great option for a baby monitor system.  You will need to pair two ios devices.  But the features are nice: Talk to baby from anywhere in the house, play lullaby’s, video and audio stream. To learn more go to iTunes Previews

2)  My Kids Health

  • This app is all you would ever need to record your baby’s health information.  It records all basic health information, gives vaccination schedule, growth development and more.  To see more about this app go to iTunes Previews

3)  Parenting Ages and Stages

  • This app gives you the most targeted information on your child’s stages of development and parenting milestones.  Check out it’s review at iTunes Previews

4)  Sound Sleeper

  • This app offer many different sounds to help soothe your baby, such as nature sounds, white noise and more.  This app will also turn on automatically when your baby cries at night.  Will also track sleep patterns.  Look at the review here iTunes Preview

5)  Baby Book

  • This app brings baby books to the digital age.  Here you can print baby books and track milestones.  Review here iTunes Preview

Of course we could go on and on forever with the hundreds and thousands of apps that cater to new parents.  So stay tuned for another blog post devoted to THE APPS.