Just like parents, I don’t want to say I have a favorite, but……this might be my favorite class yet!  These amazing souls took a Calgary Birth Essentials Class last spring and they are still getting together WEEKLY!  They have become each others BEST support for an overwhelming time in their lives.

This honestly is one of my favorite things about what is possible in our classes.  Imagine, you are learning and sharing with a group of expecting parents that are taking the same journey right along side of you.  What better place to connect and support one another than there.

If I was to ask each of them what benefits they have seen being a part of a supportive group of friends during their first year of parenting, I feel confident they would say (because I am still to this day a part of their WhatsApp group lol):

  1. Good to have friends to ask questions and bounce ideas off of
  2. Huge mental health benefit to plan regular activities to do together
  3. Comforting to know someone is always there as a listening ear
  4. Such a great way to get suggestions for community resources
  5. Never feel alone or isolated
  6. So fun to share milestones and proud parent moments
  7. Benefit from others experiences of what worked and didn’t for them
  8. A wonderful No Judgement zone
  9. The best cheerleaders you will ever know
  10. The best excuse ever to throw a party (for every occasion)!

I mean there is no surprise that I love teaching our classes!  But it makes it even better when I have groups that connect so well that they become life long friends!  To know, and observe, that these classes had long reaching benefits helping parents have an amazing, supported and positive experience in their first year truly warms the heart.

So if you participated in our classes I hope you found that community too!  If have not taken a class yet, we hope you do!  If you know anyone that should take this class, we hope you send them our way!

Happy Birthing and Parenting!