Use your passion with pregnancy, birth, newborns and empowering woman and families and turn it into a passionate career!  Become a Birth Doula through CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association)

What is CAPPA?

CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) is an international certification organization for Doulas, Childbirth Educators and Lactation Educators. Since our foundation in 1998, we have certified thousands of perinatal professionals.

As one of the first and most comprehensive perinatal organizations in the world, CAPPA is respected for its longevity and its commitment to excellence in both education and unsurpassed student and member support.

Choosing an organization for your education is an important decision. CAPPA offers stability that you can be confident in as you invest in your education and career.



CAPPA has an extensive training program that offers it’s participants many resources and supports to successfully transition into the profession of Birth Doula.  They also have many opportunities for continued support and training with it’s CAPPA Academy, other certification opportunities and their yearly conferences.