What is a Doula

What is a Labour or Birth Doula

A labour or birth doula will meet with you during your pregnancy to answer your questions, educate and prepare you for your upcoming labour and birth and to offer you resources to enhance your knowledge about what is to come.  She will help you navigate your labour journey and will join you in your labour when you are needing extra support and encouragement.  She will offer comfort techniques, suggest effective positions, utilize massage, be a calming influence and provide support to both you and your partner during birth, she is your advocate.  She will also be there for you in your immediate postpartum experience to help through those first few weeks.

Guiding You Through

This is a time of many questions and some apprehension of the unknown that awaits.  Your doula will help guide you through all the tricky waters of pregnancy, birth and parenting a newborn.  She is there to help support you in all of your decisions and choices along the way.  Whether you are having a home birth, a hospital birth or a birth center birth, whether you want a totally unmedicated experience or are open to seeing what happens, she will be there to support you, we know you are trying to make the best decisions for you and your family, we want to help.

Personalized Care

Your doula will be creating a relationship with you and your partner prior to the birth so that she can know and understand the kind of birth you are hoping to have.  This allows her to be your best advocate and to customize the support and care she will be offering you throughout your time together.  This is what makes having a doula invaluable.