How fast do you move when you hear your baby cry?  Most parents acquire stealth speed and can hear their little one from a mile away.  No one likes to hear a baby cry.  However newborns are especially good at it, it’s the only way they know to get your attention.  In the first few weeks while you, as parents are trying to find our parenting groove (and you will), here is a list of many, many suggestions of things that can help you calm your baby’s cries.  You will find in short order that your baby will have a few favorites that will work 98% of the time.  But remember too that babies only way to relieve stress is to cry.  So sometimes when nothing seems to be working and you know baby is fed, clean, healthy, and safe, give yourself permission to take a time out.  Put baby safely in their bed and give yourself a few minutes to regroup and take a breath.  Then you will be good to pick up this list again and try some other things that may help bring calm back in the mix.  So when you know baby is fed, clean and dry, not too hot or cold and not in discomfort, then you can pull out this list and give some a try.

1.  Go for a walk

2.  Swaddle

3.  Rock in a chair

4.  Sway standing up

5.  Gently bounce on the exercise ball while holding baby snuggly in your arms

6. Use the baby swing

7.  White noise (shhh shhh shhh in your baby’s ear works good too)

8.  Vacuum (the noise is magic)

9.  Get singing (or play some music)

10. Go for a car ride

11. Dance

12. Use some simple toys

13. Use a sling, wrap or other carrier

14. Massage

15. Tummy hold

16. Bicycle legs (another massage technique)

17. Bath

18. Distraction

19. Eliminate any external stimulation

20. “I love you” Massage technique

21. snuggle

22. Go out in nature

23. Rock in a cradle or carseat

24. Use a steady rhythm in your movement or bouncing

25. Know your limits and lean on another family member for support


Use this list when you are in a pinch and you need a little inspiration to bring back your happy baby.