Being pregnant any time of year can bring with it challenges and discomforts, but add to it the summer heat and we have a whole new set of circumstances.  If you are like most summer pregnant mamas you will be searching ways to stay cool and comfortable during these most challenging months. Here are a few tips on how to survive the summer heat.

Oh the Swelling

The heat of summer can aggravate those end of day swollen feet all the more.  So when you are able to put up your feet, finding multiple times throughout the day to elevate your feet for a few minutes can help lessen the effects as you approach the end of the day.  Also helpful is putting your feet in a cool tub of water, wearing comfortable shoes, and avoiding walking or standing for long periods of time in the high heat of the day.

Keeping it Cool

Finding ways to cool off can make all the difference.  Appropriate summer clothing that is loose fitting and breathable can help.  Find places to take a dip.  Getting a kiddy pool in the back yard can do just the trick for a quick dip, or just to put your feet in.  Go and get active and take a swim at the local pool, not only will this be a solution to help you cool down it is also an excellent way to keep active and healthy during pregnancy.  Planning activities in cooler indoor locations during the hottest times of the day can help you avoid the heat as well, so take a few laps at the mall or go to a movie.  Proper ventilation options in your home will also help.  Get a fan, get a spritz bottle, take a shower, or make your way to the basement to cool off.

Staying Hydrated

It is already a requirement to stay hydrated while you are making this baby, but when you add a hot summer it is good to remember to step it up as far as the liquid intake goes.  You should normally be drinking 2 litres of liquid, but in the summer heat you can add 8 ounces for every hour you are in the heat.  That can be a lot of liquid!  So have fun and get creative and be sure to basically always have a drink of some kind right beside you and spend the day taking sips.  Homemade popsicles can be a nice treat too.

The Little Problem we Call Sleep

There may be nothing worse than trying to sleep while pregnant and overheated.  Finding solutions to cool down so you can sleep is a big deal.  Many women find that taking away the extra blankets, wearing less is better, getting a fan and using cool clothes can really help cool them off, make them a little more comfortable and hopefully get them sleeping.  Sometimes having a shower just before bed can cool you down enough to get you to sleep too. If you have the option of a basement bedroom, this too can be just the ticket.

When we reach the end of pregnancy we often find it very challenging to get comfortable, often our backs are sore, we wake frequently in the night to go to the bathroom, and some experience symptoms such as heartburn or edema.  It is often even more difficult if we are having a hot summer.  This heat can make it all the more difficult to find any comfort. Hopefully as you use these tips to help ease some of the discomfort that summer pregnancies can create you can enjoy this time and make the most of it.