Partners and Doulas

Partner’s and Doulas Work Together as a Team to Completely Support the Birthing Mother

Everyone Working Together

Think of the doula as your cheat sheet from prenatal classes.  Most soon-to-be dad’s have little to no experience when it comes to pregnancy and birth, they are not familiar with all the expectations, sensations and experiences of labour and birth, so all the information coming at them, and most especially the event itself, can be overwhelming and daunting.  The doula helps provide a calming environment for both mom and dad, and everyone else involved in the big day.  It is good for the partner to feel they are not alone. She has her “tools” to help with every contraction, so partners can remain focus on loving and supporting the mom and being present for her.

It is the doula’s goal to create a team between the birthing mother, the partner and herself.  She wants to enhance the partner’s experience and build confidence in their involvement.  The doula will protect the space around your birthing journey, and help you navigate your way through all the mysteries of birth, having someone there who can let you know “it is normal” is an invaluable peace of mind.