Calgary Mom and Baby Groups

Welcome to Meagan’s Place, a baby group where new mom’s, from Calgary and Surrounding areas, and their babies can come and learn and share and connect.

Calgary mom and baby group
Calgary mom and baby group
Calgary mom and baby group

Be a Part of Our Mom and Baby Group

This is an ongoing group that supports new moms in the first 6 months of being a new parent.  Each session consists of 8 weeks of meetings.  A minimum of 5 mommies are needed to create a group to support one another effectively.  We would meet every Monday from 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm except for holidays, the classes are an hour and a half, 45 minutes will be a learning session with guest speakers that are experts at the topics shown below.  The last 45 minutes will be a chance to share all your struggles and successes and to get support and suggestions from others in similar situations as you are.

Why Join a Mom and Baby Group?

Each Moms Club mom and baby group offers you a time to feel “normal”, to gain confidence, to feel a part of something and to connect and make friendships with other moms.  We often have dad’s pop in too, which is always fun, and brings a whole different perspective for us to gain from. We try and have our classes as central as possible as we have mamas coming from all quadrants of the city and even outside the city.

Topics Will Include:

Birth Sharing

Baby Wearing

Infant Massage

Postpartum Exercise

Brain Development

Pelvic Floor Health

Ages and Stages

Introducing Solids

Baby Photography

Baby Sleep and Training

12 Hours of Instruction | Cost: $160

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