Doula Training FAQ

What can I expect at my doula training workshop?

Frequently Asked Questions

Our three day workshop is cram packed with great information and plenty of room for group discussion and review. You will learn about CAPPA, the doula’s role, your scope of practice and how it applies to the care and support a doula offers through various labour and birth scenarios. There is plenty of time to explore and discuss ideas, ask questions and provide hands-on practice though instruction and guidance, as you learn new techniques, massage application and positions to aid with labour progression and relaxation. We review common medical interventions and how they impact birth, as well as non-medicalized comfort measures and physical support elements to assist your clients. Discover various ways to support your clients and help them make informed educated decisions, while assisting them through the transitions of breastfeeding, the postpartum and parenthood. The later part of our training covers aspects of developing your own doula business and how to apply what you’ve learnt in client care and services within your community. This includes how to market and promote yourself and your business, how to build a client case load along with additional business aspects to help you succeed!

Can I bring my baby to the workshop?

Unfortunately due to the intense nature of this course we ask that you arrange childcare while you are in the workshop. If you are breastfeeding you may choose to bring a support person to care for your baby at our location in a separate room or come at anytime the baby needs to nurse.

What is your refund policy?

If the CAPPA trainer is forced to cancel the workshop, your entire fee will be refunded, or you will be given the option to transfer your payment to the next session offered. If you must cancel your registration prior to the training seminar, you may apply your payment to another training workshop offered by the same CAPPA faculty member within a 12 month period. Please note, cancelling your registration will only be permitted one time. If you do not attend another session within the 12 month grace period, all fees will be forfeited. No-shows are not eligible for this registration transfer. Unless you have received confirmation from your CAPPA Doula Trainer that the session is confirmed, we do not recommend your make any non-refundable travel arrangements.

Once I’ve completed my CAPPA Labour Doula training workshop, what is my next step?

To become a certified doula with CAPPA, you will need to become a member of CAPPA and sign up for your online CAPPA Academy, which is a one of kind, state of the art virtual classroom experience.

Once you’re connected to CAPPA’s Academy you will receive:

  • Downloadable forms of which you will need to submit to CAPPA after completion
  • Online exams with immediate results
  • Video instruction from faculty members
  • Step by step instruction to help guide you as you complete the course
  • Links to important online resources

*There is a $175.00 USD fee for your certification package, which is purchased through CAPPA’s website. Prices are subject to change without notice.

CAPPA Required Reading List

The only book required for the CAPPA Labour Doula training is The Birth Partner, Penny Simkin.
For CAPPA CLD certification you will need to complete these:  http://www.cappa.net/required-reading

How long do I have to complete my certification?

You have two years to complete your certification requirements from the date of your workshop training. This provides plenty of time to complete the steps. Most of our students typically finish within six months to a year’s time.

When can I see a return on my investment with this training?

The beauty of this training is that as soon as you establish your first paying client, your labour doula training fees will most likely be paid back to you.

When can I begin taking clients?

Immediately following your training, you may accept clients into your care. If you are hoping to use that client for your certification requirements you will need to be signed up with CAPPA Academy first, in order to receive your certification and client evaluation forms, which are required to verify your attendance at the birth.

What are the chances of obtaining a job after my training?

Doulas are independent and are hired by the families who wish to use their services. At this time, there are no job postings for paid doulas. In the future it may be possible to work within midwifery clinics, OB clinics, birth centres or progressive hospitals. As a doula you will be running your own business, which means that your success is determined by your level of commitment to market, advertise and network with others in the field. In recognizing the positive effect of hiring a labour doula, many women are seeking doulas for support. More health professionals are also acknowledging the impact that a doula can have on the outcome of labour, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding.

What if I have never given birth? Can I still take this training?

Of course! Your personal experiences with pregnancy and birth (or lack thereof) do not determine your ability to enroll in this training, or provide great care to your clients.