Calgary Birth Essentials Believes:

That pregnancy and birth is a sacred journey with many defining moments that will effect your life and your memories and your future parenting. We believe that it is important to prepare effectively for this journey and build a network of support and resources to help make it as positive and fulfilling as possible, so that you can have the tools to begin your life as a parent with confidence and joy.

Our vision is to be the premier spot for Calgary Families to come and find the key members of their prenatal, birth and postpartum support team. We stand out as offering Calgary superior services for prenatal, birth and postpartum education and support. We offer a team that combined has decades of experience and has proven themselves experts in their own chosen field.

Calgary Birth Essentials is committed to offering superior professional services that meet the needs of the childbearing families through:

  • Providing opportunities for education and support in a community focused environment for pregnant moms.
  • Facilitating learning about the many childbirth options for women and their partners.
  • Providing fact based and current information about the natural process of childbirth and the appropriate use of medical technology in childbirth.
  • Supporting women and their partners in their choice of childbirth alternatives.
  • Providing superior education on the topics of labour and the process of labour, immediate postpartum, newborn care, breastfeeding and early parenting.
  • Providing highly experienced and skilled educators with the appropriate training to teach our childbirth classes.
  • Incorporating additional experts into our childbirth classes in the fields of breastfeeding and early parenting to enhance and elevate our clients learning.
  • Enhancing women and their partners coping skills for relaxation and comfort in childbirth.
  • Enhancing the confidence of women and their partners in relation to coping with childbirth and early parenting.
  • Offering birth doula support from doulas with over 18 years of experience and over 450 births attended
  • Providing breastfeeding and early parenting support.
  • Providing community connections and resources, with organizations that have vast amounts of knowledge, experience and expertise, to holistically support the childbearing family.
  • Facilitate a forum where our clients can have access to some of the best education and services in Calgary
    We believe that by providing our clients with the best education, the best resources and the best support they will be able to confidently begin their journey as parents and find success and joy in that journey.