Calgary Breastfeeding Class

Come to our Breastfeeding Essentials class where our Breastfeeding Educator will give you the confidence and arm you with all the essentials you will need to get off to the best start possible.

Why Take a Breastfeeding Class?

There really is an art to breastfeeding.  Many women struggle to navigate through the early days and weeks of breastfeeding their newborn baby.  Our Breastfeeding Essentials class covers all the core information you need to have a healthy start to breastfeeding your baby.

calgary breastfeeding class

Breastfeeding Class Details

2 Hours of Instruction | Cost: $40 per couple

  • Expected Changes
  • The first feed
  • Hand expressing
  • The Art of Breastfeeding Positions
  • Feeding Cues
  • The Latch Connection (suck/swallow)
  • The Milk Production
  • Common Problems
  • Good Solutions
  • Are They Getting Enough?
  • Pumping, Bottles and Storage
  • Helpful tips to Achieve Success