Weekend Essentials Childbirth Class

Our Childbirth Essentials Weekend Childbirth class in Calgary gives you the essentials of labour and childbirth in a slightly more condensed version.

Why Choose a Weekend Childbirth Class?

Our weekend childbirth classes are offered to those with a busy and hectic lifestyle that don’t find it possible to commit to our Childbirth Essentials class that meets 7 weeks in a row. We offer a 20% discount to our Weekend Childbirth Essentials attendees for our Early Parenting Essentials classes, thus rounding out your knowledge base and giving you the whole picture for your labour and early parenting journey.

Weekend Class Details

11 Hours instruction | Cost: $295 **SALE for a limited time $250**

  • Important facts about the last trimester of pregnancy
  • Birth Trends in Calgary
  • Stages of Labour
  • The truth about the pain
  • Combating Fears
  • Most effective choices and options in labour
  • The birth partner
  • The labour dress rehersal (labour stations)
  • Common medical procedures, interventions, & medications
  • Unexpected paths
  • Immediate post partum
  • **Breastfeeding Essentials
  • Newborn basics
Childbirth Class

Bonus Class Offerings

Those who are registered for our Weekend Basics Class will also enjoy our Breastfeeding Essentials Class as part of your course. In addition, you will receive a 20% discount to our Early Parenting Class. To see a description of the classes click on the links below for more details.